The Wharf Inn at Holt

In The Beginning ....

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to look at our website.


We thought a little bit of background might be interesting. 

We bought The Wharf Inn in November 2011 - a bit of middle aged madness (‘Middle aged’, I like that! : Mark) - coupled with a mid life crisis (Not keen on that bit! : Mark), and look where it got us!

We were actually looking for a large house with the idea of doing bed and breakfast, plus outbuildings and room for Mark to play with his toys (They’re cars, not toys! : Mark!) - we quickly realised that pubs, or more accurately, ex pubs, usually had the space that we required for a fraction of the price of large domestic property - and then we found The Wharf Inn.

If you know the pub, you’ll no doubt be aware of the state it was in (Most people had to wipe their feet on the way out! :Mark) - it was not viable as an ongoing business and the state of the property itself was completely unbelievable!  No money had been spent on the place or its maintenance for a considerable number of years, the public areas were absolutely filthy and the private accommodation was literally uninhabitable.

But were we put off? - No! - (maybe we should have been ??)  The pub was still trading, if you can call it that!  The customers would have a whip round to raise enough money to buy a barrel of beer. They would then buy it, pint by pint and eventually there would be enough money in the till for them to get their money back, the process then began all over again! We figured that if the pub could survive under those conditions, if it was run properly and enough blood, sweat, tears (and money) was pumped into it there was a fighting chance that with enough support from our customers we would eventually create something to be proud of.

The main bar is now complete, with comfy chairs and a real fire, and a recently commissioned brand new kitchen providing good old traditional pub food served in a newly finished dining room (just waiting for some new tables) overlooking the Severn river. The most recent work involves the Pool room, (that’s ‘table’ as opposed to ‘swimming’!) which is now just a few weeks from completion. The next project will be the demolition and re-building of the toilet block (Really looking forward to that one! : Mark) With two tons of floor tiles yet to lay in the function room there’s still a fair bit to do, but with the major areas now complete we believe we have created a place that you’ll really enjoy visiting.

We hope that we are well on the way to achieving our goal, and we only have you, the customers, to thank for the support that you have given us so far;  We hope that by continuing to improve and attracting more custom, we will become part of the local community and the type of place that you and your family will feel welcomed and want to return to on a regular basis.

With very best regards

Mark & Kelly Phillips